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Patient Service Process

GMHealth takes care of all the details of a patient’s medical trip so he or she does not have to decide on their own.

We basically facilitate the flow of information and the arrangements of services between patients and the medical services providers. Some of these services may include flights, lodging, tours & sightseeing, transportation, and passports/visas. Using our services prevents patients from contacting medical service providers which can be difficult because of language barriers, not being able to reach the provider when you want, higher quotes, longer waiting periods, or not knowing if the provider is properly certified or accredited under the highest international standards of medical care.
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Here is our step by step from beginning to end. Some parts of this process don’t apply to all patients depending on the type of procedure that they choose.
  • Patient contacts GMHealth
  • GMHealth sends client requested information with a request of medical history
  • Hospital reviews medical records and a quote is provided for the procedure and the length of time you should remain at your chosen destination. (All medical information is transferred securely between the patient and the doctor)
  • GMHealth arranges conference call with overseas doctor
  • GMHealth schedules surgery and/or initial visit
  • Client makes payment
  • Patient receives detailed information packages and complete itinerary (Some of the information may include travel alerts or warnings, weather conditions, currency rates, medical provider instructions and many more things)
  • GMHealth arranges travel
  • Client arrives at destination and is picked up at airport and transferred to hotel
  • Patient and companion engage in tours and sightseeing (optional)
  • Patient is welcomed at the hospital (A bilingual patient assistance accompanies patient to all appointments and test if necessary)
  • Patient meets with surgeon
  • Patient undergoes procedure
  • Patient recovers in hospital while in touch by phone or internet with family
  • Patient is discharged to a beautiful hotel or recovery retreat
  • Patient visits with surgeon for post-surgery evaluation
  • Patient is taken to airport for departure flight
  • GMHealth monitors patient recovery process and does follow ups after the patient returns home
  • GMHealth monitors patient recovery process and does follow ups after the patient returns home
"GMHealth is a medical travel facilitator based in Morocco. It coordinates care by organizing, securing, integrating and adapting existing clinical, travel, and destination resources needed for any client to reach the desired outcome.”
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