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In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization Is One Of The Methods Which Helps People To Have A Baby Who Has Various Fertility Problems. It Is One Of The Most Preferred Assisted Reproductive Techniques Today.

IVF treatment is used when it is not possible for women to conceive naturally and it includes many methods, especially vaccination. Failure to conceive due to sperm or ovaries also affects couples psychologically. It is decided on which method will be used in IVF treatment according to the patient's health status and the expert reviews .The purpose of treatment is to achieve fertilization and healthy pregnancy.

IVF Technique Has Been Used For Over 30 Years. Female Eggs And Male Sperm Are Collected And Fertilized In A Laboratory.

The division of the fertilized cell is monitored for a while and the embryo which is created with special solutions is injected into the uterus. Before continuing to the egg collection process with the IVF method, egg development is provided. It is intended to develop and collect multiple eggs. The eggs will reach the required maturity in about 8-12 days. The collected eggs are examined under the microscope, a quality check is done and mature eggs are prepared for the microinjection by separating the mature ones.

These fertilized eggs are called embryos (fetuses) and are injected into the uterus through the cervix by using a thin catheter. 50% of women get pregnant after these processes. About 40% of couples have a baby with the help of this treatment. These rates can increase to 70% with some utility applications. The ovarian is stimulated with various medications to get multiple eggs which will create the embryo. It is observed that placing a large number of embryos into the uterus has (embryo transfer) increased the probability of pregnancy. The microinjection, which has been used more in recent years, is defined as a revolution in the treatment of men whose sperm count is very low or no sperm at all in their testicles.


Infertility is defined as an inability to conceive despite having regular sex. This regular intercourse period is 1 year for couples under the age of 35 and 6 months for couples over the age of 35. If no pregnancy has occurred before, it is called primary infertility; If at least one pregnancy has occurred, regardless of whether it has resulted in a live birth or not, it is called secondary infertility.

It has been observed that the infertility rate has increased due to stressful living conditions, unnatural diets and smoking habits. Male or female may have an infertility problem but sometimes pregnancy cannot be achieved even though there is no significant problem in both. The patient group which is known as "unexplained infertility" includes 10-15% of these couples.

Therefore, it is extremely important to determine the underlying causes so that couples with infertility problems can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Besides, using the right treatment with the best personal treatment methods for couples is one of the most important factors that will increase the success of infertility treatment.

Gynecological Diseases and Infertility

Ovulation Problems: 5-25% of infertility causes are irregular or abnormal ovulation. One of the immature eggs in the ovary develops and cracks every month, thus ovulation takes place. Anovulation means the absence of ovulation and it is the main cause of menstrual irregularities and infertility. Despite menstruation, ovulation may not occur. There are several tests to determine if a woman is available for ovulation.

Uterine Problems

Hysterosalpingography (medical uterus film) shows the condition of the uterus and fallopian tubes. It is performed a week after the end of menstruation and before ovulation. The drug is injected through the cervix and passes through the tubes into the ventral cavity by filling the uterus. It is examined the condition of the uterine cavity if there is adherence and fibroids in the uterus . The pressure caused by the radiopaque material during HSG collection can sometimes open the mucus plugs in the tubes. Therefore, the patient should be warned that there may occur spontaneous pregnancies according to HSG. A hysteroscopy may be performed to confirm or treat abnormalities that are detected by the HSG.

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