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Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery


Our teeth are the most important organ of our body; the food is prepared for digestion by our teeth. The foods we grind with our teeth enter our body and run our digestive system, then our excretory system, that is, our circulatory system. Caring about dental health means caring about the health of all other systems. Tooth cleaning is very important for oral and dental health. Many factors such as failure to clean the teeth sufficiently, genetic factors, consumed food and beverages lead to many health problems related to oral and dental health. As an example of possible oral and dental problems
  • Teeth sometimes cannot erupt properly and remain impacted. The most common of these are wisdom teeth.
  • There may be infections around the teeth, jaw and face.
  • Implants may be required to replace the teeth in the problematic tooth areas.
  • There may be injuries in the soft tissues of the mouth due to prosthesis.
  • Temporomandibular joint diseases may occur.
  • There may be broken and falling teeth.
  • Jaw joint disorders may occur.
  • There may be tooth sensitivity.

How are these disorders treated?

  • Impacted teeth are extracted, implants are applied when necessary.
  • Sinus lifting or bone meal applications are performed.
  • Jawbones reconstructions are performed.
  • Surgical and non-surgical treatments of temporomandibular diseases are performed.
  • The necessary implant surgeries are performed.
  • Cystic and tumoral formations of soft and hard tissues in the mouth are treated.
  • If the prosthesis is to be performed, the intra-oral soft and tissues are surgically treated before the prosthesis.
  • These treatment processes change from person to person and from disease to disease. Multiple treatment methods or treatment sessions may be required when necessary.
Porcelain Teeth
Orthodontic Treatment
An implant is a type of prosthesis that is placed in the place of the decayed tooth. Instead of a dental root, an artificial metal post is added, thus the tooth is attached to the jawbone. These long-lasting implants are applied by specialists in a sterile environment with a surgical process. To be applied to the implant, the gums and jawbone must be suitable for implant application. If all necessary conditions are suitable, this artificial tooth attaches to the jawbone within 2-3 months. If the conditions are not suitable, successful results can be obtained with the additional bone surgery application.

The implant teeth appear as one's own teeth and they have the same functions as the original.It can be used for many years when it is applied correctly and if it is used properly by the person being applied.
Filling: It is the process of filling the cavities of decayed, damaged, broken teeth with an artificial substance. As a result of this process, the tooth regains its own function. The main purpose of filling applications is to avoid tooth loss by preventing further damage to one's own tooth and to regain its own function.

There are various filling materials such as gold, amalgam (silver), composite jam and porcelain.

It is necessary to clean the tooth decay for the filling procedure. The cleaned caries are finally filled by the dentist with the filling materials.
Porcelain teeth are also known as dental crowns. The main purpose is to make the tooth look like the original and to prevent tooth loss . As its name signifies, the material in use is porcelain. In this process ,the tooth is covered with porcelain. This treatment method is also very aesthetic and it does not discern from your original tooth.

A dental crown is designed and positioned according to the person's own teeth. Porcelain teeth which can be applied to most people may not be suitable in some cases. If root canal treatment is necessary,the tooth decay is dense and if there are serious gums problems, porcelain teeth cannot be applied.
The crooked teeth are treated with Orthodontic Treatment. In this case, it may sometimes be necessary to check the mouth, teeth and skull.

There are many reasons for the formation of crooked teeth such as misaligned jaws, bone disorders, incompatibilities in jaw structure, etc. It is known that thumbsucking or bottle sucking during infancy and childhood also causes orthodontic problems.

There is a preparation phase before orthodontic treatments begin. If the patient has tooth decay, they should be treated beforehand. Oral hygiene is also very important. Then, dental braces or necessary types of equipment are attached with various measurements.

Nowadays,there are various types of dental braces thanks to newly developing technology. Besides the dental braces, transparent plates have also taken their place in dental treatment.

As GMHealth, we are at your service with our experienced Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery team and the doctors we are working with. We carry out the diagnosis and treatment process to be applied to our patients with our specialists and surgeons.

Why GMHealth?

We are aware that people who have health problems want to solve their problems in the easiest, fastest and most accurate way. We are working hard to get you to the right treatment. From the moment you leave your home, we will be with you in every process. We are interested in all the necessary details on behalf of you, such as plane tickets, visas, welcoming, accommodation and transportation. All you have left is to be treated by trusting us and the physicians.

We are proud and happy that you have chosen for us, together with our team, who will get you to specialists in the easiest and most reliable way.
"GMHealth is a medical travel facilitator based in Morocco. It coordinates care by organizing, securing, integrating and adapting existing clinical, travel, and destination resources needed for any client to reach the desired outcome.”
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