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Orthopedics and Traumatology

The Orthopedics and Traumatology service works on musculoskeletal system diseases.

It is a medical specialty with a wide variety of diagnosis and treatment methods. Major areas such as arms, legs, pelvis, spine and bone, muscle, vessel, nerve, spinal cord connection tissues are within the scope of the Orthopedics and Traumatology Department.

Hip Prosthesis

The hip prosthesis is the surgical regeneration of the damaged tissue of people whose hip joint is severely calcified (osteoarthritis) or damaged. Thanks to the developing technology, this implementation has been applied very successfully for years in the hospitals we are working with. Hip Prosthesis surgery is usually performed in middle age and beyond. At the same time, the surgery is very successful in young people with dysplasia of avascular necrosis disorders between the ages of 20-40 .
Surgery steps:
  • Necessary blood tests are performed before the operation.
  • The operation is performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia.
  • Damaged bones are removed and replaced with prostheses.
  • The skin and underlying tissues are closed by suturing.

Sports Injuries

Two main reasons of sports injuries ;

Personal Factors: Psychological factors, previous injuries, undertreated injuries, physical deficiencies (muscle weakness, joint limitation, insufficient flexibility), fatigue and overload, anatomical problems, muscle stiffness (due to excessive exercise or infection), age, gender .

Environmental factors: Doing sports without training, using poor quality materials, unfavorable weather conditions , unfavorable floor, breaking the rules.

Knee Arthroplasty

The aim is to make the patient's joint painless and mobile. It is preferred to apply to the patient who is 65 years or older but it can be applied to the other age groups if there is pain and deformity, trouble walking and climbing stairs, limitation of movements, restriction in daily activities.

Osteoarthritis can occur in the knee joints for a variety of reasons. The most important causes are aging, overweight, meniscus injuries, rheumatological diseases, traumatic cartilage lesions, etc.

Apart from prosthesis ,surgical methods may also be a part of the treatment process in some cases. As an example of these situations, starting sports without warming up and pushing the knees excessively can cause damage to the cartilage tissue in this area, rupture of the ligaments or tear in the meniscus, which leads to knee disorders. Meniscus which appears in the knee joint, intra-articular inflammation, thickening of the joint membrane, osteoarthritis of the knee joint and fractures occurring in the joint, articular cartilage, anterior cruciate ligament and a capsule that occur in the knee joint are treated with arthroscopic surgery.

What should be considered to avoid sports injuries?

The person's health and physical condition must be suitable for the sport to be performed. Warming up and stretching before doing sports makes the body ready for sports and reduces the risk of injury and disability. Resting before and after sports, doing sports on the appropriate ground with appropriate clothes and shoes, not keeping the sports time too long, not doing sports on a full stomach and adequate water consumption are the important factors that reduce the risk of sports injuries and disability.

Cancer Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic oncology is the specialty of orthopedics that deals with the study and treatment of musculoskeletal tumors. The treatment medhot of musculoskeletal tumors depends on the type of tumor. Many benign tumors or masses can be followed easily. In this case, it does not require any surgery. Other benign tumors are also removed by simple tumor removal surgery. Malignant tumors, commonly known as sarcomas, require surgery, reconstruction, and sometimes radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Surgery aims to relieve pain and prevent fractures in metastatic bone tumors.

As GMHealth, we are at your service with our experienced Orthopedics and Traumatology team and the doctors we work with. We carry out the diagnosis and treatment process to be applied to our patients together with our specialist doctors and surgeons.

Why GMHealth?

We are aware that people who have health problems want to solve their problems in the easiest, fastest and most accurate way. We are working hard to get you to the right treatment. From the moment you leave your home, we will be with you in every process. We are interested in all the necessary details on behalf of you, such as plane tickets, visas, welcoming, accommodation and transportation. All you have left is to be treated by trusting us and the physicians.

We are proud and happy that you have chosen for us, together with our team, who will get you to specialists in the easiest and most reliable way.
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